Ultimate 3D Printing Guide About Creality CR-10 V3

Unlimited possibilities, infinite scope, free of access- these are just a few of the reasons why 3D printing is immensely popular. It can be a great hobby and a futuristic business arena. Some people might say it’s for individuals to make cute objects that they can personalize. They use to decorate their homes in a more creative manner. Some others might say it’s great for businesses who would want to take their production efficiency a step ahead. Whatever they say, the fact remains that it’s one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

One of the best 3D printers is the Creality CR-10 V3, which has some of the most impressive features at a pocket friendly price. To work well with this printer, every user must know some aspects, which is why this guide can help.

Know The Technology

3D printers run on mainly two types of technologies, FDM and SLA.


FDM, meaning Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) works to make 3D printed objects through molten materials. The printers with FDM technology most commonly use plastic and TPU filaments which are melted to form minute layers that add up to form a final model.


SLA, meaning Stereolithography, is based on resin printing technology. The resin printing technology has better precision and a different procedure of printing. For starters, it does not use any molten materials but uses resin to make the 3D objects.

While both these technologies are equally significant, the FDm technology is more developed than the SLA one. FDM printers are also very affordable, while SLA printers are considerably pricy. The Creality CR-10 V3 is a FDM technology support printer.

3D Printing Materials And Accessories

Any 3D printer does not work completely on its own. It needs the assistance of appropriate materials and accessories which widen the application of such 3D printers and make the printing process much easier.

Printing Material

There are a lot of materials that the printer requires for efficient printing but the most essential of these is the filament. Different printers support different filaments and often, one printer can print with several types of filaments. The most commonly found filaments for FDM printers are, Nylon, PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, PET, Wood, etc. These filaments produce different models with different properties. SLA printers, on the other hand, use resin material for making the prints.

Printing Accessories

Various accessories if used with 3D printers can make the process incredibly easy and convenient. These are additional parts that can be used side-by-side with the printing machine. Some of these accessories are, printer enclosure, WiFi box, dry filament storage box, extruder metal nozzles, connecting cables, etc. These make the overall printing process efficient and save the user’s efforts greatly.

It is always a wise decision to get the essential materials and accessories from the same store as you’re buying your printer from. One such store where you can buy both the Creality CR-10 V3 and the essential additives in Canada is Mech E-Store. It is an online 3D printer shop where you can find almost all Creality printers and good quality materials and accessories.

Slicing Function

Slicing is one of the most essential parts of the whole 3D printing process and without this, the printing cannot be complete. It is needed when the digital design is broken down into instructions that the 3D printer can interpret and act upon. An example of a slicer is Cloud 3D Print by Mech Solutions. An interesting fact about slicer softwares is that these do not only perform slicing but also a variety of other functions like designing, data storage and maintenance, project planning, client management, etc. These all features vary according to different softwares but when a user buys a slicer, they want iot to perform all the operations at one place. Cloud 3D Print does all the work at one place and also provides the user with cloud storage.

Features That Come With The Machine

Every machine comes with a separate set of features. They has certain unique aspects that can’t be found in its competing machines. The Creality CR-10 V3 is no different. Several impressive specs can be listed:

  • A heated bed that also performs optional auto-leveling.
  • 300*300*400mm worth build size to print huge objects.
  • Resume printing feature for saving cost and efforts while facing power cuts or filament runout.
  • Visibly flawless and commendable quality prints from PLA, ABS, PETG and TP filament support.
  • Ultra-silent motherboard for noiseless printing.

It is imperative to know the features of the machine. This will helps you to take the best advantage of its features.

Final Thoughts

3D printing technology is complex but using this technology is easy because of the help and user guides available. The Creality CR-10 V3 is a great machine for those just getting into 3D printing. To get yourself this machine, you can consider buying it from online like Mech E-Store. They offer genuine quality machines.

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