Top 10 Online Slicer Software For 3D Printers

Slicing software plays a crucial role in any 3D Printing process. Without this software, you would not be able to print any object or model. An online slicer 3D plays as a middleman between a 3D printer and a three-dimensional model. It converts the model into a series of layers to be able to efficiently print them with the aid of a 3D printer. It is not just for slicing images, but for various other processes like verifying a model, calculating the extents, etc. with ease.

The best online slicing tools have features to get the most out of your hardware while slicing models on any type of 3D printer. These special programs loads with intricate algorithms that convert your design files into an instruction sheet. These algorithms can overcome some of the inherent limitations, like build volume or many more.

With the help of these algorithms, we can create tools like automatic mesh repair or auto wall building. Every program has its own way of slicing and there is no universal slicer. Thus, you get to choose from a wide range of options while using the best 3D printing online slicing tools.

Top 10 3D Printing Online Slicing Tools

  1. Cloud 3D Print Slicer

Cloud 3D Print online slicer 3D is one of the most leading and state-of-the-art online slicing tools. This tool offers a 14-day free trial so that you can understand it completely and know if this is best for your needs. This software not just slices three-dimensional objects for you but also has inbuilt features that can help you manage printing production from anywhere in the world. With the help of their product i.e. Cloud 3D Panel, you’ll be able to control and manage the process of 3D printing and no need to personally command the computer inside the workplace. This slicer has an intuitive 3D viewer that allows you to view models from any angle so as to avoid any errors or mistakes. It is compatible with more than 150 3D printers and supports all browsers and android and iOS devices.

  1. Simplify3D

Simplify3D is one of the most advanced slicers available in the market. It offers a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. Some of its advanced features include customizable profiles, multi-core support, auto mesh repair, automatic supports, and rafts generation. The user interface is also easy to understand and with a little effort, you can quickly master your way around it.

  1. KISSlicer

KISSlicer is a free slicer with a wide range of features that help you slice models to perfection. Some of its noteworthy features include custom profiles, multi-core support, customizable options, and high-performance algorithms. Apart from these superior features, it has an intuitive interface that helps you set up the slices and orientations easily.

  1. Sculpteo

With over 40 years of experience in the printing industry, Sculpteo has the expertise to help you create a quality model. It features an intuitive interface and is loaded with advanced tools like mesh repair, support generation, and rafting capabilities. The best part of this online slicing tool is that it is completely free to use. We also recommend trying it out if you are none the wiser about its features and advantages.

  1. Cura

Cura is one of the many slicer applications that can be use for free. However, this particular program is one of the most advanced programs available. While a lot of users might be scared off by its interface, it makes amazing use of a simple interface. It allow you to easily slice models quickly and effortlessly. The user can customize the slicer profiles, and adjust settings such as flow rate and speed. Make sure that no unwanted features are not blemished by it.

  1. Slic3r

Slic3r is a cross-platform application with a set of features. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The interface is simple and intuitive and you can easily tweak all the settings. You can also change the settings depending on the type of printer you are using. It has an inbuilt printer database that makes it easier for you to know which settings suit which printer better than others do.

  1. SelfCAD

SelfCAD is another advanced slicer application that has a wide range of features and is easily customizable. It has an innovative interface with a graphical user interface that makes it easier to use. You can also change the settings depending on the printing type which you are using. It supports automatic support generation, which makes it even more flexible and suitable for various types of printing.

  1. Tinkerine Suite              

Tinkerine Suite is yet another high-performance 3D printing online slicing tool that has made its way into our list. Among all the advanced features, it offers instant mesh repair, automatic retraction, and advanced support generation. It also has an intuitive user interface with a feature-rich set of tools that make slicing models, including animations and splitting models for printing, easy, fast, and convenient.

  1. PrusaSlicer

As the name suggests, this advanced slicer is developed for the Prusa printer, which is one of the most popular 3D printers out there. However, it has a highly intuitive interface that makes slicing models very easy to do. It also offers automatic mesh repair, support generation, and rafting capabilities with just a single click. This makes it easier than ever to get high-quality printouts that are sturdy and durable.

10. OctoPrint   

OctoPrint is an online slicer 3D printing tool that is extremely easy to use. It has some advanced features like automatic retraction, support generation, and automatic rafting. However, it does not come with any advanced tools like mesh repair or profiles. Thus, it is more for beginners who are used to just printing designs by hand.


One should choose an online slicer 3D wisely among various 3D printing online slicing tools available in the market. With Cloud 3D Print, you can get a free trial to check the compatibility and assure whether it is ideal for your requirements. Therefore, do not choose software in worry, get the one that can help you grow your business.

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