What Colors Make Brown? Read this

Many people ask the question, what colors make brown so attractive? The simple answer is yes, but you need to at least have some sort of knowledge of how to blend hues. So, what colors make brown so inviting? already have discussed what primary color; secondary, tertiary and complementary colors are; and then, we’ll be looking at what colors make brown utilizing only two basic colors, red and yellow.

Okay, now we can move on to color mixing for what colors make brown more appealing. What makes a nice, warm and inviting color is the contrast between the lightness or whiteness of the paint and the darker shade of the color. With only two basic colors, this can be easier said than done. You’ll find that the biggest challenge will be in color mixing and matching the right complementary colors to make a harmonious and visually appealing painting.

Make brown more inviting

So, what colors make brown more inviting? When it comes to the mixing of colors, there are basically four categories of colors and they are: Cool, Warm, Neutral and Strong. When you’re ready to mix paint, it’s best if you stick to these four basic categories. For instance, you want to make a lighter shade of red and a darker shade of yellow. This helps in creating a warmer effect when you mix your colors and it also helps the paint stay on longer when you apply it to your surface.

When you’re working with only two basic hues, it can be easier to choose which colors will complement each other. For instance, if you’re making a bright, intense color such as a deep yellow, then it would work better to paint your subject in a warm shade of brown. You should also take into consideration the space where your image is going to be displayed. If it is being displayed in a room with a lot of blue, then perhaps using warm yellow would be a good choice. On the other hand, if your image is going to be displayed against a wall with mostly white color such as the type you may often see painted on a home, then using a warm color such as deep red may be a better option.

Secondary color shades

The second category is the complimentary color pairs, also known as secondary color shades. These are essentially the same color hues that were just listed above but mixed together with one another to create another group of color. For example, you might find that using deep purple and a lighter shade of yellow would be a very nice combination. While purple and green are very close in color, using purple and yellow creates a very strong look that is very inviting. These are also good colors to use in small areas because they add an interesting touch without being overwhelming.

While the previous two types discussed are good colors to use when you are trying to decide what colors make brown, there are some other options that you can use as well. One example is to paint your subject’s skin a shade of brown or using an off-white paint. These will not completely alter the shade of your subject, but they will create a focal point that draws attention to the eyes.

Highlight certain features

It is important to understand that while using these techniques, you do not want to make everything about your painting be a color. Instead, use these techniques to help highlight certain features and create interesting shade and texture in your painting. You should also remember that while these techniques can be used to make brown work, these techniques will still allow you to have freedom to create a painting that looks very unique. After all, some paintings look very different from others simply because of their shade and texture. So do not be afraid to try new things and to take the lead on creating a unique piece of art.

Try Different Colors

There are many ways to paint brown and each method will help you to create interesting shades and tones. If you want to play around with the shade and the tone of brown, try using blues, greens, mauve, and even orange and yellow. These will make your subjects stand out even more and help to make your paintings much more interesting to look at. When you are finished, choose which colors you want to create in your final artwork, then go back and add highlights to make your brown stand out even more.

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