The Ultimate Guide Of Buying AC (Air Conditioner ) In India

In India summer is at its new height; almost every part of India, like north and south, is standing
on the ball of fire where mercury is blowing like anything. Well, this is often the proper time where
there is an urgent need for AC to get relief from the scorching sun.
These days the Air Conditioner has become the basic necessity if you want to sleep in peace at
night. But the main thing that confuses most AC buyers is choosing the right AC for home as
everyone doesn’t have enough knowledge about AC. So, if you are the one, then read this blog;
through this, you will come to know about various factors that you must look for while buying
AC for your home.

1. Type of AC

This is one of the most critical factors that need serious consideration. That means you want
Windows AC or a split unit. Well, both have their benefits according to the room, but these days
The split unit is quite famous as it cools down the room fastly due to wide blowers. Apart from that,
the compressor of split ac makes less noise, etc.
Moreover, if you look at the benefits of Windows AC, they are easy to install and best for small
rooms. So, make sure you first decide which AC you need according to your needs.

2. Power Consumption

These days most people buy electrical appliances based on the star rating. However, this factor
works with ACs; higher the star rating, it will consume less power resulting in a low bill. No
doubt, high star rating appliances will cost a bit high, but they will save money on bills for a
longer period of time.

3. Always Worry About After Sales

AC ( Air Conditioner ) is one of the complex and mechanical machines that need to be experienced AC service near me in the long run. That means every year, and it needs servicing if something gets wrong with it.

So, when you are planning to buy AC for home, make sure you opt for that AC brand having a
proven record of excellent AC service Gurgaon.
Moreover, if you don’t have any idea about the servicing of that particular brand, then don’t
hesitate to ask the dealer. Still, not sure you can also call customer support for further queries.

4. Price of the AC

If you remember some time back, AC is considered a luxury item in homes. But with time, the
demand for AC rises a lot due to global warming, making it a highly desired thing. This is the
reason, and nowadays you can easily get a brand new air conditioner at an affordable price. So, it
wholly depends upon your budget which one you have to buy to make your survival easy.

5. Choosing The Capacity Of The AC

Selecting the right capacity of the AC for the home is quite tricky. For example, if you buy an
oversized AC for a small room, it will cool the room faster, resulting in a high power bill and
vice-versa. So, ensure to buy AC according to the size of the room, which is rated in tonnes in

6. Pick The Right One, Inverter AC vs. Non-Inverter AC

These days the market is flooded with mainly two types of ACs one is inverter ACs, and the
other is non-inverter ACs. Inverter ACs tend to be more power-efficient but cost you high. Apart
from that, they give less noise, cool down the room faster, etc.
On the other hand, non-inverter ACs are less expensive but do not adjust power consumption
according to the need. So, lock the deal according to the usage and your budget.

7. Coils Of The ACs

Coils are the next essential thing you must consider while buying brand new AC for home as it
determines the overall efficiency. Mainly, ACs come in two types of coils that are aluminum and
copper. Both have their qualities. So, before buying AC make sure to ask about the coil that AC
has and its benefits.

8. Pick The Right Mix Of Features

Apart from all the above features regarding buying new AC for your home, make sure you go for
various other beneficial features. They are, App control, activity sensors, Wi-Fi compatibility,
and last but the least self-clean feature. All these features will help you in many ways in keeping
the AC maintained.

The Bottom Line

AC is the essential commodity these days that makes life easier. Apart from that, it’s an enormous
investment for various individuals who work hard day and night. So make sure you will only buy
AC after taking all the above factors in mind. All of them are very important if you want to make
your investment worthwhile. Hope you like this blog about the buying guide for brand new AC.

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