Landscape vs Portrait Folders: Select the Best for your Business

Folder printing has developed greatly throughout the years. But many business owners still feel that the presentation folders have no use in the era of online marketing. It is true that digital marketing allows you to reach a vast part of the population even though the results and costs might vary.

Personalised folders are used widely by businesses all over the world. They are a great way to store information and marketing as well. But many still have not recognised the relevance of this old tool in building up a successful business. Even individuals like freelancers and entrepreneurs have started to use personalised presentation folders. 

But any ordinary folder will not do the trick. If your aim is to boost the sales of your products and service, you need to stand above the rest of your competitors. The way to do that is to be unique and share something different with your target audience. You can use personalised presentation folders that can get attention from both potential customers and stakeholders.                                           

Folder Orientation Options

The customization of a presentation folder starts with its size and shape. Common folder sizes also represent the paper sizes used inside them. Both A5 and A4 folders are in great demand. Even though the A5 presentation is smaller, it can be used as a secondary folder. It is easy to distribute at events or trade shows and is also less prone to damage. The primary choice for most companies will be A4 folders, as the most common paper size is A4. Most of the printed material will be in A4 format, be it brochures, flyers, or formal documents like sales reports.  

The distinction between portrait and landscape is in the orientation of the folder. The common situation where these layouts are valid is in photography. Similarly, in the folder printing industry, layout or orientation is important. It will make or break a folder, depending on what you are using them for.

Portrait Mode

This orientation is especially used to show the growth of the image or page. The height of the folder will be larger than the width, in this case. This method of folder layout is preferred when you have more text than photos or other artwork to be included on both the covers and interior of the folder. Imagine you are using the folder for board meetings or trade shows. These do not need to have many images printed on them as the contents inside have already been designed with that in mind. So in those cases, you will need to use portrait folders more.

Landscape Mode

This is when you want to add high-quality images to a folder. If you are in the artistic, photography, or real estate industry, then you might want to show the work in a bigger canvas. So the portrait layout folders would not suit these businesses.

Here the width of the folder is much larger than the folder height. The default layout for printed materials is portrait mode, but you can always change that using the printer settings. Similarly, depending on the promotional materials used, you can choose between landscape and portrait A4 presentation folders.

There is a common misconception among inexperienced folder printing services that certain sizes are portrait and others are landscape by default. The confusion arises when some mistake A4 to be portrait and A3 to be landscape. As a matter of fact, the size of the folder means nothing. The A4 folders can be designed either as portrait or as landscape folders.

When to Use Them?

As you have learned already, portrait is the common orientation used among the two. But where do you use landscape and when to stay with portrait mode? 

Customisation of presentation folders allows you to add images to your folder cover. It is advised to go with the landscape mode if you want to add long-range shots. These will look much better on landscape folders rather than the other ones. But if you need to add a full image of someone important, portrait would be good in that scenario.

The portrait layout makes the person look bigger and important. So you can also do this with logos and even images of products. The negative space is a crucial factor in the designing process. If you combine the portrait mode effectively with negative spaces, the attention of the reader will go straight to the logo and company name. 

Summing Up

The customization process of a presentation folder is not easy for someone who is entirely new to folder printing business. You might have many questions from the start about designing and printing. With the numerous printing techniques available in the market, you are bound to be confused. The best way is to find an experienced folder printing service. You can learn more about such a service from their online reviews. Before giving a final contract, you can ask them for previous work or even samples. As a matter of fact, you can ask for samples first of your design before bulk printing of the folder.

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