Custom Mailer Boxes Makes Sense for Branding and Marketing

This is a great promotional item, and you can use your imagination on how you want to design your box. You can either have your company name or logo elegantly displayed, or you can get simple designs. These are some of the most popular custom printed mailer boxes because they look attractive and are very useful at the same time. You can also order custom boxes with your address printed on the front and inside of the box.

A Touch of Class in Mailer Boxes

Suppose you want to make a statement about your business. In that case, you can have your name and logo imprinted on these custom-printed mailer boxes. The metallic finish of these custom mailer boxes with logo can also vary from the traditional metallic finish to glossy silver, gold, and bronze. 

Mailer Boxes Wholesale

Many companies also prefer digital printing for their packaging material because they have a high-quality image that will not fade.

Add a twist

Unlike regular boxes, you can have your name or logo printed on both sides of the box. The boxes can be opened, and the name and logo are ready for consumers to see. With custom printed mailer boxes, you have the liberty to personalize them according to your taste.

For instance, you can write the name of your business on the outside of the box so that your clients will know where they can go for their delivery needs. The packaging has an appealing look that appeals to almost every consumer experience.

E-commerce Packaging

Many businesses today are opting for e-commerce packaging because of its convenience. They do not want to spend money on expensive grocery bills and shipping costs. With e-commerce packaging, a business does not need to invest a lot of inexpensive packaging supplies.

E-commerce Packaging

Corrugated boards have a pleasant texture, and they are ideal for storing and delivering food products. However, many companies have experienced customer complaints about the brown color of corrugated board surface paper. To resolve this issue, many companies have switched to flat white surface paper. 

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Packing With Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes are a necessity if you want your business to be seen and remembered. If your business offers goods or services, you will need a custom mailer for each one. 

You can use a logo for your e-commerce packaging as well if you so desire. Christmas mailer boxes with logos provide your packaging with a refined look reminiscent of a gumball machine or a basketball set. 


Custom mailing service companies offer a variety of quality options. You have the option of using heavy corrugated material. Custom mailer boxes with your logo and message, or a corrugated plastic material that is UV light-resistant. When it comes to mailing, your packaging materials must be durable. 


Corrugated or heavy corrugated material is a popular choice for custom paper cones . Some companies also offer boxes that are custom-trimmed in your company’s colors. You have the option of using a box with a hinged lid, a tri-fold flap, or simply a flat lid. All of these choices can withstand the elements. They will make your customer feel confident that their packages will arrive safely at their front door.


By choosing the wrong corrugated mailer boxes, or any other type of wholesale packaging for that matter, your package could be damaged during delivery. Choose heavy corrugated material or heavy-weight vinyl material, and your customer will be delighted with your service and your product.

Material Thickness and Type:


When it comes to packaging materials, there is quite a bit of variation in material thickness. By choosing the wrong corrugated mailer boxes, or any other form of wholesale packaging experts for that matter, your product may be damaged during shipping. 

One of the essential factors in choosing custom mailer boxes is the material type used to create them.

Your box will need to withstand harsh elements, so choose the wrong material thickness. For example, Kraft cardboard is solid and sturdy, and extremely easy to handle and clean. On the other hand, white cardboard is durable and lightweight. Still, these attributes make it a poor choice for use in household situations.

Suppose you are in the market for corrugated or sheet materials. In that case, you should look for thick, sturdy material with a moderate to light color, such as yellow or white.

Some More Materials to Consider

Corrugated, sheet and Kraft cardboard boxes are among just some of the many packaging materials available today. However, you will give your company the edge over the competition by choosing Custom Mailer Packaging wholesale

Remember, your customers will be handling your product, so you want your packing material to be durable and easy to clean. With these packaging options, you are ensuring your success with every order that you ship.
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