How to treat ED in only 6 months

Today if you ask a group of men, what is one problem that disturbs their relationships and pleasures of initiating life? The answer is likely to be Erectile Dysfunction or ED. For people living under the rock, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical disorder in which men experience a poor penile erection.

To enjoy sex with stimulating orgasm an erect penis is the main criterion. When the expected sexual pleasure is not achieved as in ED the relationship is likely to get damaged. In many cases, Erectile Dysfunction or ED has been the cause of divorces, extramarital affairs, depression, suicides, personality disorders etc.

So, one can see that ED may seem like just another sexual disorder but its after-effects are much more hazardous than one can imagine. This is the reason why solutions for Erectile Dysfunction like Fildena at Powpills are always in high demand. Men want an as quick solution for ED as they can. But they fail to understand that ED is not just any fever that one can get rid of it by taking paracetamol. ED occurs after continuous ignorance of health for weeks or even months. Hence, its cure will also take weeks and months. Impatient patients of ED often tell doctors to tell them a certain duration for a full recovery.

To predict the exact duration in which ED is to eliminate ED is quite impossible. But doctors have usually given a period of 6 months to suppress the symptoms of ED to a great extent or cure it completely. In this article, we shall find out what we must do to treat ED in only 6 months.

First, let’s understand the why and how of ED?

Before moving on to the solutions to Erectile Dysfunction or ED first we must understand why does ED occur and how does it happen.

Erectile Dysfunction as we know leads to poor penile erection during sexual stimulation. Adequate blood flow is the main reason for the penis getting erect during stimulation. A heavy blood flow in the blood vessels of the penis assures a hard penis and a penis deprived of blood leads to a reduced erection. During ED due to smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, mental disturbance, a side effect of medicines, injuries and many other reasons blood flow in the penile region is obstructed. Hence, the blood vessels cannot expand as they should due to the supply of blood and the man experiences no or negligible erection.

From here, one can assume that the most important part of the erection of the penis is blood pressure. Hence, all the solutions for ED will increase the blood flow in the penis during stimulation.

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How to treat ED in 6 months

Stop smoking

It is a fact proved in multiple researches across the world that smoking leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Almost every smoker in the world is a potent candidate for Erectile Dysfunction, if not now then possibly a few months or years later he will surely become one. This is the reason a major population of smokers Buy Cenforce 100. Hence, to cure ED in 6 months immediately give up smoking by joining a rehabilitation centre.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not harmful if taken in small quantities but only when someone drinks as if it’s the end of the world. Excess alcohol disturbs the relationship between the nervous system and organs. This leads to the improper transmission of instructions between the brain and organs. The blood circulation is affected and several secretions of enzymes get halted. One must reduce the intake of alcoholic drinks significantly but here we are discussing treating ED for under 6 months therefore totally giving up drinking alcohol.

Take ED pills under the supervision of a doctor

As we said, Erectile Dysfunction is a medical disorder hence, proper medication under the supervision of a doctor can surely cure it. These pills when dissolved in the bloodstream increase the blood supply in the blood vessels of the penis by reducing blood pressure, excessive secretion of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) and easing stress on pelvic muscles. These pills provide a hard erection for 4 to 5 hours, some pills also extend it to more than 10 hours. ED pills come under the category of drugs known as PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type5) inhibitors.

Eat healthy food

Eating is one of the most important biological processes as it provides the body with the energy to execute all its tasks. In solving ED in under 6 months your diet plays a major role. For better blood circulation and effective transmission of instructions between organs and the brain healthy food is needed. First, reduce or totally give up eating oily food items mostly fast food and cold drinks that are rich in sugar and bad cholesterol. Add green leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, grains, and sea food to your diet. Eat consciously and burn the calories intake to avoid the weight gain that obstructs blood flow. These steps if one follows for 6 months regularly with full disciple that man may not need to check Fildena 150 Price any more.

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