Does Your Bathroom Renovation Need A Bathtub?

So you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, it’s a good choice, after all, you spend a lot of time in this room. But have you thought about a bathtub? 

Bathtubs are the very thing bathrooms were named after, but as water costs go up, and showers get more streamlined, a bathtub might not seem as necessary in your next bathroom renovation. But before you rush to rip out the old tub, here’s what you need to consider. 

Relaxation Matters

One of the reasons most people keep a bathtub in their home is because they make it easier to relax. Life is hectic, and having a bath and a glass of wine at the end of the day allows you to relax the muscles and let the stress disperse. Add in a candle, some salts, and some relaxing music, and you’re set to recharge. 

Water Bills & Water Usage

Depending on the age of your bathtub, it can hold between 180 L to 300 L of water. This is lit, especially when you compare it to a shower, which uses 10-12 L of water per minute on average. So unless you’re having very long showers, a bath is much less efficient when it comes to water usage. But, no one’s forcing you to use your bathtub every single day, often a bath is a treat. So, consider what your uses will be alongside your budget for the water bill. 

Think of Space

When it comes to a bathtub, you need to consider space. This is by far the most significant deciding factor on whether or not a bathtub will be feasible for you. If you like taking baths and you have the space, it’s probably a good choice. But if you’re limited on space and you’d prefer a double vanity, you may want to skip the bathtub. 

Consider Children

If you have children, you’ll know that it’s much easier to bathe them (and tire them out before bedtime) in a bathtub. On the other hand, you can try to stoop over in the shower and try to wash them, but it’s not recommended for your back, and you’re likely to get wet too. If you want to have children, or already have them, a bathtub makes the difference between an easy bath time and a tantrum. 

An Aesthetic Choice

Renovating a bathroom is not just about functionality, it’s also about the aesthetic you choose and stick to it, this is what elevates your home and adds value to it in the long run. A stylish bath can uplift the look of your home and many homeowners would prefer a home with a bath, for the reasons stated above, so consider this when you make your choice.  

Don’t DIY!

Although you may be tempted to cut costs, you don’t want to risk it with a DIY bathtub installation or even removal. 

Why? Because when it comes to installing a bathtub, you want to aim for longevity. The bathtub should last well over a decade if installed correctly. You do not want to have leaks and costly water damage down the line, or badly installed tiles that cause water infiltration. You also want to consider ventilation, so you can avoid mold. 

When you’re removing a bathtub, you will want to be careful when using power tools, and watch out for hazards like asbestos, mold, and wiring that may be dangerous to touch. So beyond just considering whether or not you need a bathtub, make sure to call the right people to help install or remove it. For bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you can’t look past MW Homes.