Steps on How You can Ease up your Residential Moving?

It’s that time of the month where the lease of your apartment is about to end and you are thinking of renewing or to go for another apartment that is closer to work and has other perks. Residential moving is difficult if you have to do it by yourself, but if you hire affordable packers and movers they would make it a lot easier and very efficient and would save a lot of your time.

Tasks to do before finding a mover

When it comes to residential moving, check when is the last date on which you have to move out from the current apartment, if you have found another apartment reserve it and align it with the dates on which you have to move from the current apartment, so that once you move from your old apartment it has electricity, and the other utility powers are not cut off, same as the new apartment once you moves in it has everything connected like electricity, gas and water.

This will also help for the moving companies that are best movers and packers Dubai. Make sure that you move out from your apartment at least two days before of your lease expiry so that in case the new apartment has some work to be done, you can stay in your old apartment.


In residential moving, most of the buildings in Dubai doesn’t let you move out if you don’t have a move out permit or a move in permit. Make sure that you have applied for the permits by submitting few details such as Name, Ejari, Bills stating that they are paid, moving company details, date and time of moving out and other details so that the building managements notify the other tenants that movers may use the service elevator and might occupy space in the hallway. The moving company you find must be the best movers and packers in Dubai so that they have complete documents such as trade license and insurance that might be used when applying for a move out or move in permit.

Finding Movers

It’s not an easy task to find the best movers and packers in Dubai, however, ask your friends and families if they can refer a moving company that provides residential moving, the company they have used before so that it is known that the company is good in what they say.

The most reputable companies are a bit expensive but the quality they offer are excellent but your budget also matters, however if you cannot afford the top companies you can use the other companies that are striving for better quality standards and are very good comparable to the ones that are very expensive just because of their name and brand.

Look for the company who offers you a market competitive price, are good in communication, offers good service and have complete documents so you know that they are doing legit business.

Other Services besides moving

Anyone can call their friends that have vehicles and can help move out from one place to another, but hiring the best movers and packers in Dubai makes a huge difference between managing your move by yourself and having the professionals do it.

The professional movers will assemble the furniture and dismantle it with the help of their trained skills, they can pack the items properly with the materials they have and the experience so that none of your items are damaged, plus some of the companies also offers handyman services as well to install the curtains and wall mount the TV and other standard handyman services that you may need and cannot do it by yourself.

Scheduling the Appointment

Make sure that you schedule the moving services early in the morning by 08 or 09:00AM as you don’t want to spend the whole day being occupied with the movers.

The building or community managements doesn’t allow to move in or move out after 6:00PM because it the time where no one can afford the noise of drill work. So let the movers know that they have to finish the work before 6 PM and they should bring the manpower accordingly to manage the move in the time frame provided.

Coming to conclusion, moving can be easy if you follow the above steps and it would be hassle and stress free as pre planning always comes in handy. Planning everything on the same day you have to move it is just disaster and it takes quite a toll on you and things can always go sideways.