Revolutionizing Customer Relationships – The HubSpot Approach to CRM

HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform with tools that help marketing drive leads, sales close deals and service customers. Their ‘hubs’ focus on clear communication and the sharing of information to prioritize tasks for your team.

HubSpot is a user-friendly system with plenty of customization capabilities that won’t slow your team down. They also have one of the best app marketplaces and a wide range of learning resources.


HubSpot’s CRM includes tools that perform multiple functions to support marketing, sales and content management. It is scalable with tools that work for startup and enterprise companies.

Proper implementation of CRM requires the participation of the entire organization, including marketing, sales, service, operational and other teams. This includes providing training and setting up a proper workflow with reporting tools that provide clear visibility into the results of your efforts.

For example, the sales team will enjoy the ability to track and see all of the lead activity, including email, calls, meetings and deals, on a single timeline record for each contact. In addition, they can also receive a stack ranking each morning via email that ranks new business, upsell and cross-sell revenue by rep.

In addition, the marketing hub offers advanced tools (depending on which package you buy) such as logic-based automated workflows to help nurture and qualify leads with educational content. And a chat tool that allows you to connect with visitors, leads and customers in real-time.


Whether you need to manage leads or customers, the HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub tools are powerful and easy-to-use. They provide a single customer view and allow teams to track everything related to the customer, including personal information, history with your company, correspondence, list membership and engagement and website activity.

When implemented properly, the CRM and Sales Hub help your team close more deals. For example, it is possible to track a salesperson’s performance against quota by monitoring their daily stack ranking which displays new business opportunities by lead stage (displayed either by count or value).

It’s also possible to save time in meetings with prospects using the meeting scheduling app that lets them book your real-time calendar availability. The tool also helps you create a bank of reusable answers to frequently asked questions to avoid back and forth emails. This feature, along with a variety of other tools, allows you to provide better customer service at scale.


A CRM can consolidate and automate the many day-to-day customer service processes that your team engages in. It can also help you stay organized, efficient and increase your leads and sales.

HubSpot integrates with a number of different marketing tools including email, forms you can embed on your website and the ability to connect your social Ads for more granular tracking. It also includes a workflow tool and an extensive reporting suite.

For example, HubSpot’s meeting scheduling app allows you to share a link with prospects and customers that shows your real-time calendar availability. This eliminates the back and forth of scheduling emails and saves time for everyone. It also has a bank of reusable answers for frequently asked questions that can be easily added to live chats and emails. This streamlines communications and ensures that the most relevant information is always available. It also makes it easier to personalize website content for your contacts based on their preferences.


Unlike many CRM systems which consist of disparate tools cobbled together, HubSpot was designed as a unified system. This provides control and flexibility while delivering a more seamless user experience.

Having one central system to manage leads and conversations is crucial for sales teams. This is especially true for omnichannel marketing efforts. HubSpot integrates with email and phone systems to record communication against CRM records. This allows teams to see the full picture of each contact – eliminating duplicate data. It also allows marketers to close the loop by seeing which sources are performing best.Intercom, a popular chat tool, integrates with hubspot CRM to enable customer service representatives to communicate with prospects and customers in real time. CallRail, another popular call tracking tool, enables HubSpot CRM users to track calls and text messages directly in their CRM. These integrations provide historical information about contacts such as their first and last marketing source, enabling more personalized follow up and sales conversations.