Innovations in Toto Sites – What’s Changing the Game?

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TOTO’s commitment to People-First Innovation is demonstrated in its new Virtual Showroom. Architects, designers, and consumers can shop the look with interactive “shop the bathroom” suites while hot spots provide on-demand TOTO product information they may download.

1. Virtual KBIS

The most notable trend from 2021’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builders’ Show was not about new products or innovative business models. Instead it was the impact of one of the oldest disruptors of all: disease.

KBIS organizers made the decision to move a significant portion of this year’s show to virtual, enlisting a third-party company that was familiar with hosting massive events in the digital space. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the right choice.

NKBA will host several event platforms this year, including the virtual “KBIS Edit” show area curated by Modenus and Design Milk to showcase smaller-batch production, global luxury brands and artisan manufacturers; the “KBIS New Modernists Design Trail” show area; and the KBIS NeXT Stage shows hosted by HomeAdvisor and Ceasarstone. Attendees can also register for a virtual media preview, which will be rebroadcast after KBIS to extend the reach of their product innovations. This is an excellent opportunity for any exhibiting brand that is able to do so.

2. Virtual CES

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Poor says he looked at several platforms designed for webinars or web-based conferences and chose one that included videochat and could password protect a channel, allowing exhibitors to have scheduled one-on-one meetings, like many CES exhibitors hold in tucked-away conference rooms. He thinks this approach could help exhibitors generate more data about who came to their “booths” and how long they stayed.

Regardless, it’s unlikely that big trade shows will disappear. These events provide value for sales people, journalists and the C-suite. And they usually come roaring back next year. In the meantime, brands should continue to innovate around them. They should try to stand out in a way that can’t be replicated digitally, and focus on making their videos and visual assets more effective.

3. Virtual Showroom

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Moreover, virtual showrooms are highly useful for B2B companies that require multiple users to examine products at the same time. This technology eliminates the need to meet in person or wait for opening hours and enables buyers to make a purchase with confidence.

A great example is the fashion brand Jimmy Choo’s digital buyer showroom called HYPEROOM, which offers its VIP customers an ‘inner sanctum’ to explore their shoes and accessories in 3D with hyper-realistic HD experiences. This makes it easier for customers to visualize their products and how they will fit in their homes or other environments. In addition, it allows them to easily compare variations and customize a product based on their preferences.

4. Virtual Microsite

Many companies use microsites to promote their products, services or upcoming campaigns. These are usually distinct sites that exist outside of a company’s main website and focus on a single goal, such as increasing brand awareness or encouraging event registrations.

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In addition to creating a microsite, associations can consider working with an experienced web consultant. Cornershop Creative has an excellent guide to finding a nonprofit or association web designer with experience working with virtual events. A good consultant will be able to help your organization identify goals, create a unique design and layout for the microsite, and offer support throughout the process.