Nowadays, it is so easy for us to exchange money with friends, family or in general everyday life. For which we have various types of apps and other internet services to thanks for. Some apps can also help you transfer your money abroad. But the time it will take to reach the intended recipient might be too long. If you are actually here to know how to transfer money internationally, then we got your back. We understand the value of time, and that is why we have jotted down the topmost services that will help transfer your money to the right recipient, that too in a reasonable time.


The bank deals with numerous types of monetary transactions. Transferring from one bank to another bank is also one of the types, which you can do easily at your bank with no cost. It can be completed in person at a bank by withdrawing funds from one account and depositing them into another, or it can be completed online.

Nevertheless, banks can also be utilized for transferring money overseas. But it’s not as easy as bank transfer in the same country. To transfer money abroad, you will need a handful of information. Like the name, address of the account holder, even the information about the financial institution where the money will be sent and also the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) of the intended recipient bank. 

International wire transfers in US dollars will set you back about $45. The cost of sending money in a foreign currency is around $35. Rates fluctuate, and your bank’s rates may differ.


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When you think of transferring money to someone in some other place or a country, then you should definitely consider Zelle. However, they are unconcerned about the added benefit of being able to pay straight from an app such as PayPal. Zelle is a fantastic peer-to-peer bank account transfer service. The most famous wire transfers between banks can take up to days to complete, but Zelle, on the other hand, can do this particular task in minutes. 

To offer the service, banks and credit unions collaborate directly with Zelle. Customers must first join up for Zelle and enroll their profile, which can typically be done using their bank’s app or website.

Payment options: Zelle only allows you to send money directly from your bank account.

Charges: There are no fees to transmit or receive money.

It’s a good idea to double-check with your bank or credit union to be sure there aren’t any hidden fees while using Zelle.

Time to get funds: According to the company, it is only a matter of minutes. 


When selecting a service for sending money internationally. It’s crucial to pay attention to the service’s exchange rates and fees; not all services charge the same amount. In truth, some exchange rates are different from one service to the next. WorldRemit provides some of the lowest cash transfer costs, and its exchange rate is better than competitor Xoom.

To utilize WorldRemit, you must first create an account, which is free.

Bank account, credit, debit, or prepaid card, Poli, Interac, iDEAL, Soford, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Trustly are all alternatives for payment.

Charges: Transfer fees vary depending on where the money is being sent. For example, it will cost $3.99 to transport $50 to a Walmart in Mexico.


Remitly is a cost-effective solution if you’re sending money to a bank account in another country and wish to send in the local currency. The service also guarantees a delivery time, and if it isn’t met, you will receive a refund. Remitly’s expedited option, which costs $3.99 and can transfer funds in minutes, is a huge advantage.

Creating a Remitly account is completely free. Once you’re in, decide where and how you want to send your money; you can send it in US dollars or have it sent in the currency of the target country.

Bank accounts, credit card, and debit card are all acceptable methods of payment.

Charges: Remitly’s transfer fees are determined by the amount being sent, the source of the funds, and the destination of the funds.


TransferWise, a startup specializing in cross-border banking, makes it simple to manage money in several currencies. Regular money transfers can also be made through the platform without having to open an account with its borderless bank.

How it works: With TransferWise, you can open a borderless bank account for free with just a $25 deposit. A specific currency can be assigned to each component of the bank account.

Direct debit, wire transfer, debit card, credit card, and Apple Pay are all alternatives for payment. Payment options fees are determined by the currency being paid or converted to.

Charges: There is no monthly account cost, but there is a 0.45 percent to 3 percent fee for converting currencies using your card; ATM withdrawals up to $250 every 30 days are free, but anything over that is subject to a 2 percent fee.

It’s time to get your money. The amount of time it takes to receive funds on a MasterCard is determined by how the funds are added. Some are available in a matter of seconds.

Transaction limits: In all currencies other than USD, there are no limits on how much you can receive and keep. There is a daily limit of $250,000 and a yearly maximum of $1,000,000 per transaction.


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1. What are the costs involved?

Ans. Unless you’re mailing a check. You’ll almost certainly have to pay some costs to transmit your money, including.

  • Fees for transfers. These are usually a percentage of the entire cash being transferred, although, for smaller sums, they can be a flat cost.
  • Markups on exchange rates. Some services earn money in this way as well. It is determined by the specific currencies used and their conversion rate. Some businesses will impose a markup on this amount. And the pricing can fluctuate a lot.

2. How long will it take for the data to be transferred?

Ans. Some services offer same-day transfers, while others require several days or longer.

3. Is it possible for me to spend money where I need to?

Ans. Not every service is available in every country on the planet. As a result, you’ll want to double-check that information first.

4. How to transfer money internationally?

Ans. Go through the blog above.

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