How To Pick The Perfect Water Purifier?

Pure, clean & freshwater that’s safe for drinking is no longer available, and it’s time we face this reality. So what should we do to purify the drinking water and make it safe for consumption? Experts have stated various reasons for this degradation like water and environmental pollution, overpopulation, industrial development, and many more. They have also stated that the condition is likely to worsen soon.

Given the difficult situation, we need to understand that water purification is the only way to combat this. And you must know about the various water purifiers available in the market and get yourself the one that suits your needs. In this article, we will elaborately discuss this issue so keep reading.


A water purifier is a device used to purify contaminated water and make it fit for drinking. It must be believed that the concept of purifying water is a fairly new one because it’s not.

Since ancient times people have tried various methods to purify the water and make it free of contaminants. Things like a Biosand filter were probably used in old times. Then with advancement in the field of science, activated carbon filters came into existence. And now, with modern technological developments, we have various fancy UV/RO water purifiers.

Types Of Water Purifiers

Water is the basic need of human beings, and since ancient times people have tried to purify water. And now we have different types of purifiers that help us purify water. Water purifiers are of various types, and you should get the one that suits your needs. Some of the types of water purifiers available are:

. Reverse Osmosis Filter 

The reverse Osmosis filter offers a multi-stage filtration that combines carbon filtration and also particle filtration. The membrane has fine pores that filter out contaminated particles and microorganisms from water. The impurities are flushed out through an outlet pipe.

The RO improves the taste of water and makes it odor-free. This type of water purifier is suitable for areas where the water is high in the dissolved minerals. This type of filter requires a continuous water supply and can be fixed with one tap.

. Ultra Violet Filters 

Minimum level UV rays are passed through the water to kill the microorganisms that are harmful to us. UV filters kill 99%of the microorganisms. These filters also kill dissolved pesticides and chemicals that threaten our health. The UV water purifier effectively removes all types of pathogens but is not very good for removing suspended materials found in water. So if you live near industrial areas where there might be dissolved chemicals, use a UV water purifier. Also, to get the desired servicing, you need to contact Kent RO Service Chandigarh.

. Ion Exchange Resin Purifier 

In this one, the water is passed through resins that absorb all minerals and soften the water. These minerals soften the water by absorbing the salts and impurities present in the water.

Things To Check Before Buying A Residential Purifier

. Step 1

Find out about your water quality. Check if the water in your area has more dissolved salts, microorganisms, nitrates/nitrite, TDS(total dissolved solids), organic carbon materials like pesticides or industrial wastes, etc. To find out about all this, you need to do a chemical test of the water. You can also consult the local Water Purifier Service Chandigarh technicians; they will give you an overview of the water quality of your area. This process will help you sort out your priorities, whether you want a UV or RO or both. 

. Step 2

Decide if you wish to remodel the entire water system of your house or just install a purifier. After finalizing, make arrangements accordingly.

. Step 3

Shortlist the various brands you wish to buy from. Always go for good-quality water purifiers as they use high-quality RO membranes that purify water better than ordinary ones.

. Step 4

To get the best quality water purifier at the best price, the one that suits and fulfills all your requirements, you need to check online. Read various articles to find out more about the various brands in the market and zero in on one. You must also consider machine maintenance before you finalize your purchase.

. Step 5

After picking your brand, look for the perks the brand offers, like warranty, free maintenance, free installation, etc. Once you are satisfied, go ahead and book your purifier.

General Misconceptions About Water Purifiers

. Expensive

People say the RO/UV purifiers are expensive and high maintenance, but that’s simply not true. Water purifiers are just like other electronic gadgets in your house, like an AC or a television. They are also a one-time investment; you do not have to purchase them every year. One good quality purifier with timely maintenance can work perfectly for up to 10 years.

. High Maintenance

Water purifiers are daily use devices that are needed and used daily in most households. So if you think that they perfectly function without any maintenance, you are mistaken. But it must also not be assumed that the maintenance cost will burn a hole in your pocket because it won’t.


Water purifiers are a necessity in today’s world. It is our best device to combat diseases and protect ourselves.

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