Everest Base Camp Trek

The best way to visit Everest Base Camp depends on your expectations. You must hike in spring (March to May) or fall (October to November), and you can take a helicopter tour when the weather is good outside of the mountain season. Winter should not be left out either; whenever you are ready for cold temperatures, you will enjoy the crystal clear mountain scenery. Here are some key points to consider when considering when to visit EBC.

 Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, and it is not easy to walk to the base camp. This is biking in some of the most fascinating mountain scenery but on the way to some lovely villages.

Climate and Accessibility The

 EBC is very tall and has a land route at the highest altitude (17,600 feet / 5,380 meters). However, in the Everest region, there are still large changes in temperature, rainfall and snowfall throughout the year. This means that it will never really be “warm”.

 Spring and Autumn

 Trekking in the Everest base camp trekking area is the most popular in March, April, May, October, and November because these months are the best. Spring and autumn tend to provide reasonable weather, clear skies, rain, and reduced snowfall opportunities. This is also the busiest month for the trails, but if you are looking for the best weather conditions, you may be willing to compromise.


 Winter (December, January, and February) to travel to EBC is not necessarily a bad time, but it is definitely a low season. The temperature may be very cold, so it should be ready to freeze. But in winter, the sky is often very clear and you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. With other hikers on the trail, you won’t argue about space. Monsoon


 The season is not the ideal time to travel to EBC (June to early September). In addition to wet weather, which leads to steep roads and muddy conditions, rain can also obscure the mountain landscape. However, the temperature is warmer at the moment and it rarely rains every day. When you are well prepared for the rain and don’t feel a bit wet on the trail, a ride on the Mozzone is great, because the higher you go, the less rain.

 Peak season crowds and alternative routes

 Spring and autumn are the peak seasons in Nepal. As EBC is the most popular trek in Nepal, it can get very crowded during these times. You will not have the opportunity to enter the main road, and it may also be difficult for you to get the first option. Hiking with a guide is always a good idea, but even more so in high season, because if you travel alone, a bed can be difficult for you. Also, the climbing season on Mount Everest lasts from May to early June, so even if you don’t plan to climb the mountain yourself, the area will be busy exploring during those months.

 flights to Lukla in the high season will also be sold well in advance, so book as early as possible.

 You will not encounter the same crowd in winter and monsoon. However, although it is not difficult for you to make a bed like in summer, many places are closed during the off-season.

 The most popular is the classic EBC trail, but there are many other hikers in the area, and even during the peak season, the same number of tourists are not seen. On the contrary, EBC provides hikers with a magnificent view of Mount Everest’s landscape, nature and culture. Some of them will take you another way.

 As mentioned above, the classic EBC walk is best done in the best weather conditions in spring or fall, although these months are overcrowded. Instead, look for alternative routes in the Everest region to avoid this situation.

 JiriLukla Hiking Trail is another option to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, allowing you to enjoy some quiet trails before hitting the heated trails in the Khumbu Valley. It is called the “Path of the Pioneers” because the first western mountain riders took this route to reach Mount Everest before Lukla built the airport. Giri is a day trip to Kathmandu. Similarly, fly from Kathmandu to Phaplu and then walk around the Solukhumbu area from there. These hikes take 4-7 days and are best done in summer and winter. One of the more popular

 EBC options is Gokyo Lakes Trek, but the number of visitors remains the same. Lake Wuqiao is the highest freshwater lake system in the world. This hike will take you to Gokyo Ri, which is roughly the same height as EBC. Mount Everest and its friends are very eye-catching. Another advantage is that there are fewer nights spent on top of the EBC rate hike. This hike is best done in summer and the conditions are the best.

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