List of the Best-Selling Washing Machine to Buy for a Big Family

Nowadays, most people prefer fully automatic washing machines at their homes over semi-automatic, For their while of clothes. TheIFB top load washing machine has become more popular for its Deep Clean technology and budget-friendly price ranges.

Washing machines are no more a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. The smart technology and easy-to-use dashboard have made washing clothes much easier. As the advanced machine will cover every task from the start until the end. Most washing machines in the modern world come with top-of-the-line features and the technology.

making it more difficult for potential customers to choose the best washing machine in the market.

Many people nowadays go for a fully automatic washing machine to ease out their regular laundry job. The IFB top load washing machine is one such example of a leading washing machine in the current market.

Bosch 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

The Bosch 7 Kg Front loading washing machine is one of the best for large families of up to 6 members. The machine has the sturdiest structure due to its top-notch build quality and is fitted with the specially designed VarioDrum, the largest drum in the 7 Kg category.

  • The ActiveWater technology utilizes different sensors to identify the weight and fabric type of laundry, which will reduce the water intake in the wash cycle, making it water-efficient.
  • The SpeedPerfect feature performs a quicker wash time cycle that saves almost 65% of the standard washing time, making it an excellent energy-efficient washing machine.
  • The vibration-free feature, Drum Clean function, and the ReloadFunction make it one of the best buys for any large family.

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

The Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Top load washing machine is the best for a big family of up to 6-7 members in India. The machine has the Hard Water Wash feature that converts the hard/borewell water into soft water, making it suitable for all the clothes to get washed properly.

  • The Inbuilt Heater feature can heat the water up to 60° C to kill viral bacteria and germs in the clothes put inside the machine, making it clean and free from any harmful micro-organisms.
  • The Hexa Bloom Impeller inside the machine will flow water at 360°, which forces the clothes to rub against each other, giving people a better cleaning technique with less water quantity.
  • The Hot Catalytic Soak function, Power Dry feature, and quick-drying properties make it suitable for a big family generating heavy laundry every day.

Samsung 8 Kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

The Samsung 8 Kg Inverter Front Load washing machine is suitable for a big family of up to 7 members. The Hygiene Steam technology is the latest feature in the 2021 model that utilizes steam to retain the clothes’ colors and maintain softer fabrics’ quality.

  • The Eco Bubble technology provides an excellent wash quality by creating millions of bubbles in the water to dissolve the detergent much effectively even at low water temperature for protecting the color and texture of fabrics for prolonged use.
  • The Eco Drum Clean technology and the Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization feature offer the best cleaning technique to clean out the inside drum that makes it last longer (higher durability) and give out clean and organic clothes.
  • The 15 Quick wash (15 minutes wash), Smart Check, Bubble Soak, and Digital Inverter Technology makes it the best smart washing machine for a large family in India.

IFB top load washing machine (8 Kg and fully automatic)

The ifb top load washing machine (8 Kg and fully automatic) is the best-selling top brand washing machine for a large family of up to 6 members. The machine features the Inbuilt Heater that can regulate the temperature to remove the tough stains from the clothes and accommodate a heavy laundry load every day because of its large drum capacity of 8 Kg.

  • The 12 Wash Programs will allow the user to select the wash program customized for their convenience depending on the clothes put inside the washing machine.
  • The Smart Sense technology will perform various techniques and functions to provide clean clothes, water-efficient, and energy-efficient.
  • The Deep Clean technology, 3D wash feature, auto imbalance system, and budget-friendly advantages make it the best washing machine for a large family who needs bulk washing every day.

LG 9 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front Loading Washing Machine

The LG 9 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front loading washing machine is the best choice for a large family with 8-10 members. The machine features a 9 Kg drum capacity that can hold heavy clothes of any fabric. Besides, the SmartThinQ Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity feature makes it one of the best smart, fully automatic washing machines in the market.

  • The Steam Care Wash feature uses steam to kill bacteria from clothes and sanitize them hygienically that can even offer protection against the COVID-19 virus and freshen up the clothes within a few minutes.
  • The TurboWash function will provide a 50% decrease in the total wash time, making it an energy-efficient washing machine.
  • The 6 Motion Control technology, Inverter Direct Drive, and 1400 RPM spin speed make it the best smart washing machine for large families in India.

Choosing the best washing machine for a large family may seem challenging, but the above list may have given you a basic idea to select the right one according to your needs, budget, and requirement. So, go through them and purchase the right one that fits your requirements.

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