A Guide on the Usage of Kraft Stock for Packaging

Kraft paper boxes are the hot new trend in custom packaging. The muted brown color and rustic look of these cardboard containers are a perfect match for many styles, tastes, and occasions- not to mention that their durable nature means they will last much longer than other materials such as plastic or glass. 

These days, there are many different types of boxes made out of cardboard in the market. However, a big seller is a Custom printed Kraft boxes that can be used for various purposes like packing and storing items. These containers come from pine wood which has been extracted to create them with their diverse range available in sizes and shapes and designs and colors. 

Kraft Paper-An Introduction 

Kraft paper is a versatile type of paper that can be used in many different ways. It’s strong and durable, making it ideal for everyday use like wrapping gifts or writing letters to loved ones. It has more Sulphur in it than other types, such as solid bleached sulfate (SBS) and recycled board, which helps to keep the cellulose intact while preventing degradation. 

Kraft paper is made from untreated, unbleached wood pulp. This type of heavy-duty material was originally developed in the 19th century for use as a substitute for cloth and leather when those materials were scarce during World War I.

The name “Kraft” comes from the German word meaning strength or power because it can be used to make strong cartons like corrugated cardboard structures that are more durable than other kinds of cardboards which do not contain this special kind of coating on them.

Reasons for Choosing the Kraft Stock 

Take a look below at some of the reasons why you should be choosing Kraft stock for packaging up your products.

Known for Being Eco-Friendly 

Boxes are often the most overlooked step in packaging, but it’s important to consider what you’re using and why. Kraft paper is an excellent choice for your boxes due to its sustainability and recyclability; ensuring that as a brand.

You will not only be making conscious decisions when it comes time for customers recycle or compost their box from having bought one of yours–you’ll also have passed on responsibility too.

Kraft paper is the most environmentally friendly option for a variety of purposes, including laminating. Kraft paper boxes are coated with plastic which prevents them from decomposing at an accelerated rate like traditional cardboard containers do over time.

This raw material has been used by many manufacturers in recent years because it’s better than other eco-friendly alternatives on the market and also makes packing much easier since you can reuse these sturdy items without having to worry about ruining your product during shipping or storage

Kraft- A Durable and Versatile Option 

Kraft paper’s durability and versatility makes it ideal for making different types of containers like cardboard or folding cartons because you never have to worry about tearing when bending the corners once folded. It also comes pre-creased so all you need do is fold up each side and crimp them together using one hand – no tape required.

Printing Possibilities 

Corrugated Kraft boxes have an array of printing options that allow for a variety of designs. They can be printed with lithographic, digital, or even screen print techniques, which makes them viable tools in the marketing and promotion efforts by companies because they can include logos and mottos and product details on these sturdy containers. This allows for graphics to stand out from other packaging and helps customers recognize your products among their competition.

Ideal for Customization 

Kraft boxes are one of the most popular ways to promote your brand. They work because they can be customized with artwork and lettering, creating strong networks for customers that will spread awareness about what you do– all while keeping them safe from dust or scratches.


Corrugated Kraft boxes are one of the most popular and affordable methods for shipping products. They are also extremely lightweight, which means they can be shipped with much less fuel usage than heavier packaging materials like wooden crates, cardboard boxes, or large cases.

Best for Shipping

Corrugated Kraft boxes are the best for shipping because they’re sturdy and can last a long time. They also offer flexibility in size as well, which is beneficial to any shipment. These boxes can be recycled and reused, so there’s no need to buy new ones every day.

Kraft Packaging Ideas 

We have assembled some of the packaging designs that you can look up to design your product packaging in Kraft stock. 

Use Inserts 

For your packaging needs, a custom Kraft insert is the perfect solution. With so many ways to customize them for size and shape of products, these inserts are sure to be an asset in any business.

These cardboard sheets help keep items secure, and from getting damaged during transit, so you would not have to worry about what condition they arrive in. Plus, the touch of sophistication is sure to impress customers.

Add a customized insert for an elegant packaging experience that will leave all recipients feeling special as soon as their order arrives on time and unscathed by shipping hazards. 

Kraft Window Boxes 

Chezza, a company that specializes in sustainable phone cases and accessories, decided to use an open cut-out window on their folding carton boxes. This eliminates the need for the plastic film as there is no chance of tearing or ripping it through normal handling once you’ve had your sneak peek. 

Kraft Sleeve Boxes 

An innovative company, Mia Belle, offers customers a high-quality unboxing experience with their new product packaging. Mailer boxes and folding cartons are all well and good, but it can be hard to find an appropriate fit for some products, such as lightweight items or atypical shapes.  Those who enjoy a more delicate delivery, look for packages that come in mailers with tight flaps and sleeves.

These custom-fitted containers provide stability so they won’t tip over during shipment while also giving consumers an elegant display by sliding open neatly thanks to those little kid’s toy-style tracks inside them.

For the perfectly packaged boxes, you can consult online printing services. Get the perfect customization for your product packaging and get able to stand out in the pool of competitors. 

The Final Word 

Kraft is the most loved stock in the packaging industry. It embodies various qualities and is

best known for its eco-friendliness. So choose this stock and get your product distinguished on the retail shelves. 

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