7 Secrets behind the huge success of H&M and how to shop for less ?

In 1947, in the Swedish city of Västerås, Erling Persson opened a women’s clothing store: Hennes (“For her” in Swedish). Twenty years later, he acquired a store specializing in hunting and fishing: Mauritz Widforss. The H&M brand was born, whose name means Hennes & Mauritz. Currently, it is the largest clothing store chain in Europe. Among all the admirers of the brand, there are ordinary people, but also celebrities. What’s the secret to H&M’s popularity and why people keep rushing into their stores?

It’s time to unveil H&M’s marketing strategies, thanks to which no one can leave the store without making a purchase. And at the end of the article, we will teach you how to save money while shopping from H&M online with H&M Promo Code.

The company has its own creative team

Unlike other brands available on the market, H&M has its own team that makes the design and the patterns of the clothes and in some cases, it copies the models already made. Exclusivity is an advantage for the buyer. Every year, H&M organizes a competition among the best young designers. The winner wins a prize of €25,000 for the development of their own brand and completes a six-month internship within the company.

The company adapts fashion trends to the consumer and creates its own collection. All the clothes are made in the factories of the contractors.

H&M focuses on a specific market

The main buyers of clothes sold by H&M are representatives of Generation Y and women under the age of 35. It is therefore to this public that the advertising of the company is addressed. Advertisements refer to rational consumption and the importance of the environment. They are filled with slogans related to feminism and body positive. In their campaigns, the brand highlights plus size women, people with disabilities, celebrities, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Everybody.

H&M does not erase scars, stretch marks and body hair from models. This action made it possible to attract a new audience and win the loyalty of customers. The latter were in favor of this idea which allows young women not to compare themselves to “perfect” bodies present in advertising photos and not to feel complexed. In this way, H&M shapes a loyal audience that shares the company’s values.

Once a year, H&M launches a collection with renowned designers

The brand’s collaboration with renowned designers began in 2004. That year, Karl Lagerfeld and H&M launched a capsule collection that sold out in 25 minutes. The brand has collaborated with Versace, Balmain, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, as well as other famous brands.

H&M makes us feel like we’re part of the celebrity world

The company collaborates with celebrities not only to promote the brand. H&M showcases its outfits at the Met Gala, but celebrities appear on the red carpet and at events every year in H&M outfits. At the Oscars, Winona Ryder wore a black dress from the brand and Kate Middleton has a habit of buying clothes for Prince George at H&M.

In this way, the company wants to tell its customers: “Our clothes are not inferior to luxury brands, they give you the opportunity to look like your idol”.

The collections come out every season and are divided into several categories

Every season, during Paris Fashion Week, H&M presents its new collection. This event makes it possible to know what the consumer accepts and refuses.

New models are presented once per season and are divided into several categories. Each of them has its own name: H&M Basic, Studio, L.O.G.G., Divided, etc. They differ in quality, style, fabrics and audience expectations. One of the main ideas: “fashion and creation accessible to everyone”. Each year, the company produces more than 600 million garments.

The most popular category in Europe is H&M L.O.G.G. It corresponds to high quality casual clothing: shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and dresses. Usually, these clothes are sold out as soon as the sales start. Under the H&M Premium Quality brand, the company produces items made from natural fabrics. Their prices are higher because of their superior quality.

They support ecological production and consumption

“At H&M, recycle the clothes you no longer wear and get 15% off your next purchase”.

The company’s strategy is to design fashion items without damaging the environment. To make their clothes, they use organic cotton which is grown without chemicals or insecticides. The items in the Conscious line are made from recycled and organic materials: a dress made from plastic bottles, denim earrings, a sweater made from recycled polyester. Even the light bulbs used in shops are low consumption.

H&M believes that natural resources are not unlimited, so it does everything possible to give used clothes a second life. Containers are available where you can leave your old clothes which will be sent to charities or for recycling. All unsold items are also recycled or donated to charity.

The company focuses its efforts on the online store

A little secret for people who want to be the first to buy items from the new collection. All the clothes first appear on the online store and then, a few weeks later, they are on the shelves and on the mannequins. You can also find those that are sold out in physical stores. The website is updated every Thursday at 8 am.

Tricks to save money at H&M

  • Use H&M promo code when you shop online, it is provided by almowafir.com/en website which is the best at offers and discounts.
  • One of the H&M promotions is called Happy Hour. It is available from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and during this period the discount can reach 15 to 20%. Look for the necessary information on the brand’s social networks.
  • Get 15% off by recycling your used clothes. You can only donate 2 bags of clothing at a time. Remember that stores do not accept leather for recycling. For one bag, you will receive a discount coupon valid for one year.
  • To get free shipping from the online store, install the H&M app. You will receive 10% off your first order, as well as a virtual card where points will accumulate. Points allow you to get a discount.
  • If you want to shop from their stores, it’s best to go shopping in the morning: the clothes are in their place, the store is clean and you will certainly find what you need.

– The biggest sales start in June and November, the best days to shop are Monday and Thursday. This is when the store refreshes its product line.

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