5 stunning tips and tricks about cardboard boxes

A folding cardboard box is a great example of durable packaging and a great structural design. It is manufactured from premium quality material to provide an amazing display. Folding cardboard boxes have occupied a special place across the retail packaging sector due to their attractiveness. They are highly versatile and used to package hundreds of goods of everyday use. The biggest advantage of using these paper boxes is the ease of customization. You can design them in any size, shape, and style of your choice. Innovation in the packaging sector has made it difficult for businesses to beat the competition. Such packaging is ideal to represent your brand well. It is the most sustainable and highly affordable solution used by companies to increase their customer base. However, when it comes to designing cardboard boxes on a large scale, certain things should be kept in mind. Here we are going to discuss 6 stunning tips and tricks that will help you in designing your cardboard packaging more appropriately:

Know more about your Brand and the Target Audience:

To create distinctive packaging you need to gather maximum information about your brand as well as your target audience. The things you need to be clear about include:

  • Who you are?
  • What are you selling?
  • What message do you want to deliver to the target audience?
  • How do you want your customers to see you?

These questions will help you in addressing some of the basic concerns regarding the type of cardboard boxes you want to create. It’s the customers who are spending their time, money, and efforts in building your brand and making it a big success. When they will get their products delivered in an exceptionally designed folding cardboard box, it will retain their interest in your brand. Some of the more details you want to get about the target audience include the age group, the latest trends it follows, and from which geographical area your customers belong. If you have targeted your customer’s right through creating perfect packaging you are on a right track.

Customize the Right Box!

All of us know that the days of one size fit all approach have gone. The customers of today want fully customized packaging which performs multiple functions. It should protect their products, give them an amazing display and deliver all the valuable information that a customer needs. Customizing a box according to the nature of your product and current market trends is the secret behind your brand’s success. For this, you can design the packaging by using several interesting custom techniques like die-cutting, printing, lamination, finishing, embossing, and metallic foiling, etc. Choose an appropriate box style. Folding cardboard boxes are a wonderful option when it comes to custom packaging for small businesses. However, several large companies are also making their use to give an awesome display to your products. Other options include two-piece boxes, gable boxes, pillow boxes, flip-top boxes, sleeves, tuck end boxes, and a lot more! Design them according to your product size and branding elements to win hundreds of customers.

Material Matters:

No matter how well your brand goes in displaying your products, the main purpose of every package remains the same i.e. protection. Especially if your packaging is designed to hold multiple products, it is necessary to be strong and durable. The use of premium-quality material holds significant importance in this regard. Cardboard is the most preferably used option industry-wide. The main reason is its sturdiness. The material is known for its compression strength, which can be increased by adding more layers. Even if you want to package heavy products, a folding cardboard box is a good option. It acts as a good barrier against external pressure, jerks, an accidental downfall, or any mishandling during shipment. Moreover, in this highly competitive market, it is essential to create aesthetically appealing packaging. Cardboard is a versatile material that gives an exceptional printing result. No matter whatever printing technique you use, it produces a superior finish that is not possible by using some other packaging material.

Minimalism is a New Trend:

It is not necessary to overdo your product to make it more attractive. This is because complexity confuses the customers. It does not take more than 6 seconds to make a purchase decision. Designing your cardboard boxes minimally makes it easy for the customers to comprehend the necessary details. A packaging that is simple as well as informative can grab customers’ attention instantly. Minimalism is not only about using the least amount of material or printing, but it also helps in eliminating excessive design elements to make everything simple. Go for adding captivating colors or bold typography to convey your branding message. However, avoid cluttering prints, designs, images, and unnecessary details that may destroy your brand image.


Sustainability is the key tip to attract more customers to your business. This is because people are becoming more aware of deteriorating environmental conditions. To address these concerns, the customers are becoming more inclined towards the businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices. The use of a recyclable and biodegradable folding cardboard box can add more value to your packaging with a style. Sustainability also allows you to enjoy the minimum possible rates and save a large number of natural resources for future use. When the customers are provided with fully recyclable packaging it creates a positive image of your brand that you care about the environment. Being a part of this sustainable move will ensure the healthy running of your business.

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