2022 Chevrolet Suburban is a One-of-a-Kind Family Vehicle

Everything you can ask for in a family is available in the 2022 Chevrolet Suburban. This is why more people are interested in buying this vehicle for family hauling purposes. It is spacious and powerful enough to offer a pleasant experience for passengers as well as driver. Hence, this is a great family vehicle you can get when visiting Seligman Chevrolet dealer. However, take a look at this vehicle in detail first!

Spacious cabin and stylish interior

The first aspect people check when opting for a family vehicle is a car’s cabin space and how well the interior is designed. Since this is a family car, Chevy ensured it has a large cabin that could accommodate 8 passengers easily. The company also ensured for this car to have ample space so that people can sit comfortably with huge leg space and headroom.

In addition, it comes with a huge cargo space that can handle ample carry-ons. Also, stowing all the seats will allow people top have a total space of 145 cubic feet, which is more than enough to handle any number of luggage you need.

Apart from the huge cabin space, the design of it is updated and made to look modern as well as appealing to people. Large display, leather upholstery, streamlined dashboard, etc. are some of the design aspects that makes this vehicle look fetching to people.

Other features that can be found in the cabin includes Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, etc. Also, there is rear-entertainment system available as an option for people that want it. No other family vehicle offers such spacious, loaded with features, and stylish cabin than the 2022 Suburban. Hence, it is considered to be one-of-a-kind family car that you can purchase.

Engine choices

Though this is a family vehicle, it is equipped with V8s to satisfy a driving enthusiast. There are three choices available in total and each of these engines are mated with an automatic 10-speed transmission.

The first V8 available is a 5.3L engine that creates 355 horses is the standard option when buying a Suburban. The optional V8 is a 6.2L engine that makes 420 horsepower to offer ideal towing capability. In addition, there is also a 6-cylinder diesel variant that generates 277 horses but provides torque of 460 lb-ft (same as the larger V8 engine).

Furthermore, every Suburban comes with adaptive dampers as well as changeable air suspension system. Air suspension is the reason this car can eb raised or lowered automatically or manually according to one’s preference. To know more about available engine choices and other details visit Seligman Chevy dealer today!

Suburban’s price

The 2022 Chevrolet Suburban’s entry model starts from a little over $56k. The rest of the trims include LT, RST, Z71, Premier, and High Country. The price tag of these models starts a little over $61k, $65k, $67k, $70k, and $76k respectively. All these come together to ensure that people opting for this vehicle will have a one-of-a-kind family vehicle for themselves. Thus, visit a dealership and take a test drive today!

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