10 Countries You Can Drive To From India

Embarking on an overland journey from India to neighbouring countries is an exhilarating adventure, offering diverse landscapes and cultures. Beyond familiar borders, roads beckon, enabling exploration of ten countries by car. However, in pursuing these road trips, it’s crucial to consider the practicalities and precautions of international travel. An essential consideration is international travel insurance, a crucial companion ensuring a secure and worry-free exploration of these foreign roads.

  1. Nepal

Embark on a scenic journey to Nepal from India, covering a distance of 1,162 kilometres in approximately 20 hours. From Delhi, the route passes through Gajraula, Moradabad, Rudrapur, and Khatima. 

  1. China

For adventurous souls, driving to China entails a whopping 4,165 kilometres, requiring around 83 hours of travel. Optimal routes include passing through Nepal, traversing from Kathmandu to Lhasa, and then taking the Qinghai railway to Xining. However, securing a Tibet travel permit and a Chinese visa is mandatory.

  1. Kazakhstan

Covering a distance of 1,605 kilometres in approximately 33 hours, driving to Kazakhstan involves strategic planning. Two passes, Irkshetam and Torugart, connect China and Kyrgyzstan. Both passes can be accessed from Kashgar in China. Note that an Indian license is not sufficient; a permit is required.

  1. Turkmen Republic

Journeying to the Turkmen Republic spans 2,028 kilometres and takes around 40 hours. Like Kazakhstan, driving with an Indian license is not permitted, necessitating a specific permit for this expedition.

  1. Iran

Embark on a 2,543-kilometer road trip to Iran, spanning approximately 46 hours. As in the previous countries, driving with an Indian license is not allowed, requiring a separate permit.

  1. Turkey

Driving to Turkey is a cross-continental adventure with a distance of 4,546.6 kilometres and a duration of 59 hours. Like other destinations, an Indian license is insufficient, and a permit is obligatory.

  1. Bhutan

A relatively shorter drive of 2,005 kilometres, taking about 39 hours, leads to enchanting Bhutan. As with many neighbouring countries, a specific permit is needed, and driving with an Indian license is not permitted.

  1. Bangladesh

A 1,713-kilometer journey to Bangladesh, taking around 30 hours, offers a unique cultural experience. Ensure proper permits, as an Indian license alone is insufficient.

  1. Thailand

Venturing Thailand involves covering a distance of 4,198 kilometres in approximately 71 hours. As with other international drives, an Indian license is invalid and requires a specific permit.

  1. Sri Lanka

Covering around 2,500 kilometres in about 45 hours, a road trip to Sri Lanka unveils diverse landscapes and pristine beaches. A specific permit is required, as driving with an Indian license alone is prohibited. 

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